You know me well

One of my Facebook friends recently posted some spiritually led encouragement, to women in particular, and then posted this song below. It’s called You Know Me and is being sung by Steffany Frizzell. That was the first time I’d heard this song and I was blown away. As I was listening I couldn’t help but think about the words. I listened to it five times that day. It reminded me once again of God’s grace and love for me. I’m a flawed person. I don’t get everything right. In fact, I get a lot of things wrong, but even still God loves me. He knows me. He knows my thoughts better than I do. He knows my actions before I make them. And yet, he loves me still. He looks out for me in ways I didn’t even know I needed and if I lose my way, He always leaves breadcrumbs for me to follow to make my way back to him. He knows me.


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